Matt's device builds for family and friends

These are personal builds of OpenWrt for devices that myself, family and friends are using. I compile these open source firmwares to provide secure alternatives to vendor-supplied firmware that have long histories of unpatched vulnerabilities and back doors. Malicious vendor firmware is not limited to home routers.

Some functionality included in my builds are:

bcp38 DDoS mitigation
chrony network time protocol daemon
haveged supplemental entropy daemon
hostapd access point daemon (built against OpenSSL and provides support for 802.11w).
LuCI web interface configurator
odhcpd the OpenWrt IPv4 / IPv6 DHCP daemon
sqm network traffic shaping
unbound caching resolver (allowing DNS over TLS + DNSSEC)
vnstat network interface statistics

Binaries are now on my private cloud. Contact me for the link.

Resource: OpenWrt country codes